Linux Sites & Information

Cool Stuff
How do you pronounce Linux?
Instructions on pronouncing Linux, along with a sound file of Linus Torvalds himself pronouncing it. 

The Icon Store
The best collection of XPM, TIFF, and JPG icons for Linux applications available on the Internet. 

The Itsy Pocket Computing Project
How about a tiny palm-size Linux computer with more power and memory than most Pentium boxes? 

How to build an ultra-cool LCD status panel indicating load, memory, and more, for your Linux box. 

Linux Benchmarks
Series of Byte Unix Benchmark results generated on Linux computers. Download and submit your own! 

The Linux CD and Support Giveaway
Linking needy Linux newbies with veteran users who are willing to give away a free Linux CD or support. 

The Linux Counter
Register your Linux system and be counted as a member of the international Linux community. 

Linux T-Shirts
Linux shirts complete with an embroidered penguin and clever Windows-bashing sayings. 

Linux Webring
Webrings are a unique Internet navigation technology; this is the Webring for Linux users. 

The MI/X Professional Server
This free X-Server for Windows and MacOS allows for remotely run clients (programs) from Linux machines. 

Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)
The infamous emulator which allows Linux to execute firmware from various arcade machines. 

The OSI++ Counter
Counter which queries IP numbers and compiles statistics on the operating systems responding. 

The PLUG for Education
A project began by the Portland Linux Users Group to have Linux computers donated to schools. 

The Stone SouperComputer
The ORNL supercomputer: zero cost Linux cluster of 486 boxes. 

Tux the Penguin
A ten-inch plush toy closely resembling Tux, the Linux mascot. From the Linux Mall "Cool Stuff" list

The Unofficial Linus Torvalds FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Linus Torvals in tabloid-like completeness. E-mail address included. 

Building the Perfect Box
An HTML-ized Linux Journal article intended to help newbies to design a working Linux workstation. 

The Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
From the Linux Documentation Project, the definitive general hardware and device compatibility guide. 

The Linux Configuration Page
Index of various hardware configurations which other people are successfully using to run Linux. 

Linux on Laptops
Lots of general and hardware-specific information intended to help laptop and notebook users with Linux. 

The Microchannel Enthusiasts Page
An invaluable Microchannel support page for all Microchannel users, including Linux enthusiasts. 

The MI/X Professional Server
This free X-Server for Windows and MacOS allows for remotely run clients (programs) from Linux machines. 

Motherboards for Linux/SMP
Anecdotal information about various hardware platforms which have successfully run the SMP kernel. 

The Sun3 Archive
A repository of Sun3 and Sun3x information which may be useful to Sun3 users and Linux users alike. 

Year 2000 Compliance
From your Mining Co. guide, Y2K compliance statements from major Linux distribution vendors. 

Development Lists
Abuse Policy
Before posting to any of these discussions, please read the disclaimer and about development list abuse.

Linux Administration
System administration and related issues. Post a message.

 Linux Alert
Serious problems and security holes. Post a message.

 Linux Alpha
AlphaPowered[TM] kernel development. Post a message.

 Linux GCC
Compiler and standard libraries issues. Post a message.

 Linux ISDN
ISDN drivers and networking development. Post a message.

 Linux Kernel
The master kernel development list. Post a message.

 Linux Net Development
Kernel-based networking code development. Post a message.

 Linux Network
Kernel-based networking issues. Post a message.

 Linux PAM
PAM-based authentication issues. Post a message.

 Linux PowerMac
Power Macintosh kernel development. Post a message.

 Linux PPP
Point-to-point protocol issues. Post a message.

 Linux RAID
Multiple devices (RAID) development. Post a message.

 Linux SCSI
SCSI kernel code development. Post a message.

 Linux Security
Kernel and system security issues. Post a message.

 Linux Serial
Serial communications development. Post a message.

 Linux SMP
Symmetric Multiprocessing development. Post a message.

 Linux Sound
Kernel-based sound driver set development. Post a message.

 Linux Sparc
Sparc/Linux development. Post a message.


Major Distributions

Caldera OpenLinux
The big-name business and network Linux solution.
Download for Intel x86.

Debian GNU/Linux
Powerful distribution for Linux/UNIX veterans.
Download for Alpha, Intel x86, Motorola 68k, or Sparc.

Hard Hat Linux
A complete Red Hat Linux clone for SGI Indy machines.
Download for SGI Indy.

Monolithic kernel plus Red Hat packages for PowerPC.
Download for PowerPC.

A complete distribution for Power Macintosh machines.
Download for PowerPC.

Red Hat Linux
The ultra-popular Linux distribution for power users.
Download for Alpha, Intel x86, or Sparc.

Slackware Linux
No coddling Linux distribution for bedroom hackers.
Download for Intel x86.

S.u.S.E. Linux
The popular multilingual distribution from Europe.
Download for Intel x86.

Minor Distributions

Deutsche Linux Distribution
German distribution for both Intel and Alpha-based machines.
Distribution is available free for download

A full-featured Linux installation on a single floppy disk.
Distribution is available free for download

Linux on top of pre-existing DOS installations.
Distribution is available free for download

Linux operating system optimized for DOS/Windows machines with a minimum of memory and hard disk storage space. 

Eagle Linux M68k
Complete Linux installation and distribution for Motorola M68k-based Amiga computers. 

Eurielec Linux
The Linux operating system for Spanish users, based on the Red Hat Linux distribution. 

Yet another minimalistic single-floppy Linux distribution.
Distribution is available free for download

InfoMagic Linux Set
A six-CD set containing Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, and Debian Linux, along with Metro-X. 

Kheops PC Linux
The Linux operating system for French users, based on the official Slackware Linux distribution. 

LST PowerLinux
Powerful distribution upon which Caldera OpenLinux is based.
Distribution is available free for download

Croatian Linux-over-DOS distribution requiring little space.
Distribution is available free for download

MNIS PC X-Station
A Linux distribution with much documentation and compliation material done in French. 

Simple End User Linux
The name says it all: trying to make Linux accessible to those not as computer literate. 

Stampede Linux
A high-performance distribution for Pentium systems.
Distribution is available free for download

Trans-Ameritech LinuxWare
A Linux distribution for Un*x and Linux newbies, geared toward learning and simplicity. 

From Pacific Hi-Tech, this Linux is Red Hat compatible.
Distribution is available free for download

WorkGroup Solutions Linux Pro Plus
Intel-based Linux distribution by WorkGroup Solutions.
Distribution is available free for download

Yggdrasil Plug'N'Play Linux
This version of Linux based on the ultra-stable 1.2.13 kernel is probably out of date. 

Electronic Magazines
32 Bits Online
Long-time 32-bits and x86 computing news source, recently converted to have a strong Linux "emphasis". 

Ext2 Online
Relatively recent online magazine created by the maintainers of the Linux-HOWTO web domain. 

Linux Focus [English]
Also in Espanol,Francais,Deutsch,Russian,Turkce,Italiano,Portuges.
Linux information and articles published in several languages. 

Linux Gazette
An electronic newsletter for Linux users from the publishes of Linux Journal, SSC International

Linux Journal (Monthly Preview)
Table of contents and outline for each month's current issue of the premier Linux community magazine. 

Linux Power
Another source for Linux editorials, articles, papers, reviews, and other original content about Linux. 

Linux World
High-quality Linux magazine for Web users filled with feature articles, interviews, and much, much more. 

Sys Admin Online
Online, value-added version of the magazine designed especially by and for Unix-like system administrators. 

UnixWorld Online
An online Unix news and articles site, now owned and operated by Network Computing Online



The ClanLib GSDK
An alternative Game Software Development Kit for Linux supporting multiple platforms. 

The Graphical MUD Project
This project seeks to bring graphics to Linux-based Multiuser Dungeons on the Internet. 

The Linux Game Programming Webring
Webring for Linux game development. Also contains links to several games and their homepages. 

Lots of Linux gaming news and general information to help game manufacturers to port to Linux. 

Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator for X11R6
The infamous emulator which allows Linux to execute firmware from various arcade machines. 

The PenguinPlay GSDK
A Linux-exclusive Game Software Development Kit supporting multiple lowlevel interfaces. 

A C++ and Qt API for handling sprite-oriented game development under X11R6 and Linux. 

General Linux Gaming

Games at Linux Applications and Utilities
The extensive list of Linux games maintained by the Linux Applications and Utilities Page

Games at the Linux Links Directory
This list of Linux-based game binaries, sources, and home pages lives at the Linux Links Directory

Linux at The Jumbo Software Repository
Index to a number of games for Linux users, maintained by The Jumbo Software Repository

The Linux Game Tome
An extensive index of Linux games by category, game resources, and reviews, complete with ratings. 

The Linux Gaming Page
This games-list web page is dedicated exclusively to serious game playing using Linux. 

Linux Quake and Utilities
Many resources related to using Quake and Quake servers with Linux and other free Unix machines. 

X11 Games
Fairly comprehensive index of free and shareware games which operate in an X11R6 window. 

Major UNIX Archives

HPUX-PAC: Arcade Games
UNIX and/or X11R6 arcade games index from the HPUX Porting and Archive Centre

HPUX-PAC: Board Games
UNIX and/or X11R6 board games index from the HPUX Porting and Archive Centre

HPUX-PAC: Networking Games
UNIX and/or X11R6 network-ready games index from the HPUX Porting and Archive Centre

Linux Games at Sunsite
The HTML-ized root of the Linux games directory tree at the Sunsite Linux Archive ftp site. 

Linux Software Map Games
From your Mining Co. Guide, an index of Linux game categories available through the Linux Software Map

Getting Started
Argh! Help Me Now!
From your Mining Co. Guide, and on-line help center for beginers, intermediates, or advanced users alike. 

Basic Linux Training
An excellent web-based guide to getting, installing, and using Linux. Excellent for beginners. 

Frequently Asked Questions
The largest and most important list of questions and answers about the Linux operating system. 

Getting Started with Linux
Basic information at the University of Oregon intended to help beginners to install and use Linux. 

The Linux Buyer's Guide
Information about pricing and purchasing of Linux distributions, hardware, consulting, and more. 

The Linux Installation-HOWTO
Succinct and complete instructions for installing a common Linux distribution from scratch. 

Linux Information Sheet
Basics and technical information; a sort of sales brochure, features list, and license, all rolled into one. 

Linux Installation and Getting Started
A complete online book from the Linux Documentation Project. Extensive. Authoritative. 

The Linux Myth Dispeller
Rather out of date and poorly written, but good nevertheless for those with serious doubts about Linux. 

Integrated Desktops
Common Desktop Environment
The standard but comparatively pricey Unix desktop which is standard with most Unix systems. 

Enhanced X/Open Desktop
Desktop project showing great promise, but apparently development is proceeding very slowly. 

The GNU Network Object Model Environemmt
Otherwise known as The GNOME, this project is way behind The KDE in terms of functionality. 

The GNUStep Project
Working toward a NextStep/OpenStep desktop for Linux. Promising in appearance, but not yet complete. 

The K Desktop Environment
The KDE is undoubtedly the most complete desktop environment currently available for Linux. 

This window manager-independent desktop management application is written entirely using Tcl/Tk. 

This desktop manager, designed to integrate with FVWM, is no longer under development. 

Java Stuff

Emacs Development Tools

JACOB for Emacs
The JAva COmmander Base for Emacs sports a powerful Class Wizard and a real-estate preserving vertical format. 

The Java Development Environment for Emacs
Text-based code development, compilation, and debugging environment built as an elisp extension to Emacs. 

Other Development Tools

User interface builder for Java applications and their events. Built with C++ and Qt: Linux native. 

Completely free, open-source licensed integrated Java development environment written entirely in Java. 

Instant Basic for Java
This Java-based development environment allows the user to code in Visual Basic and output Java bytecode. 

JavaWorkShop for Linux
A complete "port" of the Sun integrated Java development environment for Linux users. Shipped from Germany. 

User interface builder for Java applications coded entirely in Java, compatible with Linux machines. 

Complete visual development and remote deployment package written in entirely in Java and Linux compatible. 

Simplicity for Java
This rapid application development environment uses visual development and code wizards for automation. 

Claims to be the only rapid application development platform written entirely in Java for Java code. 

The VISual Application builder for Java is a complete Java development environment in 100% Pure Java. 

Java Virtual Machines

Open-source Java virtual machine, the first to officially support Netscape's Open Java Interface for Mozilla. 

The Java Development Kit for Linux
A complete port of Sun's Java Development Kit 1.1.x for Linux users, allows for native Java binary support. 

Open-source Java virtual machine designed for speed, threading capability, and multiplatform deployment. 

The TowerJ System
Java virtual machine and runtime coverts bytecode into native, statically linked binaries for speed. 

Major Newsgroups
General, less regulated, Linux discussion.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Less regulated, Caldera-oriented, Linux discussion.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Less regulated, Slackware-oriented, Linux discussion.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Discussion about the promotion of Linux.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Linux on the Digital Alpha[TM] processor and/or platform.
Or, you can visit it on the web

A small amount of help; a large number of HOWTOs.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Applications development and releases.
Or, you can visit it on the web

System/kernel development and coding.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Hardware compatibility and configuration.
Or, you can visit it on the web.
General help, tips, and pointers.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Linux on Mac, Atari, Amiga, Sun3, and Next.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Unclassified/general discussion about Linux.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Networking hardware, software, and configuration.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Linux on the Motorola/IBM PowerPC architecture.
Or, you can visit it on the web

General question and answer.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Configuration, setup, and installation discussions.
Or, you can visit it on the web

X11R6 and XFree86 configuration and help.
Or, you can visit it on the web

Office Software

Applications Suites

The Andrew User Interface System
An integrated suite of applications from Carnegie Mellon university. Freely available; download a completely free copy.

Complete suite of integrated office applications for Linux. Formerly sold by Red Hat, now by Applix. 

The Axene Showroom
High-quality set of four applications with large price reductions for Linux and Academic users. 

Goldmedal Groupware
Complete groupware and office applications, including a relational database and e-mail management. 

A fledgling suite of office applications designed for KDE using the Qt/KDE API; free for download. 

Quadratron Cliq
Office applications suite with workgroup licensing and a special limited-time offer for Linux users. 

StarDivision StarOffice
Complete applications suite similar to MS Office[TM]. Free for personal use; click here to download a copy.


IntraStore Server
Complete intranet solution for Linux; commercial licenses through 250 users are free for download. 

TeamWave Workplace
Room-based groupware solution for Linux users seeking Internet-ware; demonstration download available. 

Visual Rendezvous
Multiplatform whiteboard and groupware; also available in Java; demonstration download available. 

Security and Fixes
BugTraq Archive
HTML-based archives for the BugTraq security-oriented mailing list at 

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Generally considered to be the central source for security-oriented computing information on the Internet. 

Debian GNU/Linux Security Fixes
Chronological list of recent patches against Debian GNU/Linux to fix security problems. 

Getting Started with SSH
Good information for users of Linux or Unixes on getting started with SSH (Secure Shell). 

The Infilsec Vulnerability Engine
Searchable index of various vulnerabilities in multiple operating systems, including Linux. 

International Cryptography Homepage
Tons of cryptographic software and related links: PGP links, Kerberos links, SSL links, more! 

The International PGP Homepage
Extensive resources for or about the public-key "pretty good privacy" encryption system. 

Kernel Security Enhancements Wishlist
One wishlist of things which should be implemented in the kernel to achieve a B2 Secure rating. 

LISC Linux Security
Recent security concerns and fixes maintained by the Linux Internet Support Cooperative (LISC). 

Red Hat Linux Security
Linux security FAQs, the security alert archive, and security mailing list archives from Red Hat.
Another searchable index of 500+ problematic exploits and commonly overlooked vulnerabilities. 

The SATAN Homepage
Documentation and information about the Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks, an industry standard. 

The Secure Shell (SSH) Homepage
Homepage for one of the more popular remote login and shell packages for Linux and Unix systems 

Unix/Linux Security
This private page indexes many exploits and a number of locally hosted texts involving security. 

XCert Access Control List
Commercially produced alternative to the POSIX.6 implementation of Access Control Lists. 

Software Sites
The Appindex at Freshmeat
Index of recent software releases, compiled and made available in Red Hat and Debian distribution package formats. 

Astronomical Software on Linux
Indexing various astronomy- and space-related software package distributions for the Linux operating system. 

The Garbo Unix Archives
Large index of public domain, shareware, and free Unix software at the Garbo Software Archive

GNU FTP Archive
[ftp://] Official ftp site of the Free Software Foundation, home of many core components of the Linux operating system. 

HPUX Archive
Index of many applications from the larger Unix world, ported to HPUX. Generally source-compatible with Linux. 

Linux Applications
Supercomplete web-based index of thousands of Linux software packages, keyword searchable, with descriptions. 

Linux Applications and Utilities
A slightly outdated Linux-specific software index on the World Wide Web, complete with descriptions. 

Linux Archive Search
Search any or all major Linux software indexes by file or archive name. Exceedingly useful for experts! 

The Linux Software Map
Searchable gateway to the huge Linux Software Map database, a community-wide applications index. 

The Linux Software Encyclopedia
Searchable index of thousands of Linux software packages plus descriptions, organized alphabetically. 

Linux at Sunsite
The closest thing to an official archive site for Linux software at the University of North Carolina. 

Linux at TSX-11
[ftp://] Larger development and system packages; suited best to Linux experts. No HTML index; beginners beware! 

Scientific Applications on Linux
Java-enabled superindex of scientific, engineering, and research-oriented software for Linux. 

Sound and MIDI Software for Linux
An unexpectedly complete index of web links to sound, MIDI, and other media software for Linux. 

Unix at Digital Equipment Corporation
[ftp://] Huge but unsupported archive of Unix software, much of it source-compatible with Linux systems. 

Unix at UUNet Technologies
[ftp://] The general Unix software archive via file transfer protocol at the UUNet Technologies site. 

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Developed for Linux, "a set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory placement under UNIX-like operating systems". 

GNU Coding Standards
Proposed standards for code released under GNU General Public License (the document by which most of the Linux world lives). 

The GNU Network Object Model Environment
With the backing of Red Hat Advanced Development Labs, seeking to be the standard Linux/X11R6 programming interface. 

The K Desktop Environment
Already included with major distributions; the other serious competitor for the title of "Linux/X11R6 programming standard". 

The Linux Documentation Project
Not a standards body, but the earliest (and still one of the only) documentation bodies for the Linux operating system. 

Linux Standard Base
The most official (and free) Linux operating system standard, backed by Red Hat, Caldera, Debian, and S.u.S.E. 

The Open Group
Maintainers of several standards, including the X Window System, Motif, the Common Desktop Environment, an Unix® itself. 

Users' Groups
The GLUE Database
Groups of Linux Users Everywhere is an online database indexing Linux users' groups around the world. 

The GLUE Mailing List Archive
Groups of Linux Users Everywhere also maintains a mailing list. This is the discussion archive. 

Linux Users' Groups Worldwide
The Netherlands Linux Users Group maintains its own strong list of users' groups around the world. 

The Users Group HOWTO
This HOWTO document comes from the North Texas Linux Users Group; how to start a users' group. 

Users Groups at Linux Online
An extensive online database of Linux users' groups at Linux Online categorized by country. 

Window Managers
Originally designed as a NextSTEP lookalike; hacked from Bowman, which was hacked from FVWM

Designed to make an X11R6 session look and behave like the Amiga Workbench for Amiga computer systems. 

Newly written from scratch, Blackbox is an elegant, fast window manager for Unix and Linux computer systems. 

A hack of the venerable TWM with added configuration options, including virtual desktops and 3D decorations. 

Enlightenment is the most visually exciting window manager, now newly written entirely from scratch. 

The classic, configurable Linux window manager which looks like MWM; still under development. 

Gives FVWM the look, feel, and cloned start menu from Windows 95/98/NT operating systems. 

Bizarre hybrid of window manager and programming language. Apparently flexible, but difficult to maintain. 

Flexible window manager designed to "emulate the look of Motif, OS/2 Warp 4, OS/2 Warp 3 and Windows 95". 

The K Desktop Environment
The KDE is undoubtedly the most complete desktop environment currently available for Linux. 

Designed to make an X11R6 session look and behave like the MacFinder for MacOS computer systems. 

MWM (LessTif)
MWM, the Motif Window Manager, is also available at this link, as a part of the LessTif distribution. 

OLVWM is a hack of OLWM, the OpenLook Window Manager, which allows for virtual desktops. 

PieWM is a bizarre hack of TWM which enables users to create and display circular "pie menus". 

QVWM, like FVWM95, is designed to very closely emulate the look-and-feel of the Widows 95 explorer. 

SCWM, or the Scheme Configurable Window Manager, is a scheme-ified programmable hack of FVWM.
Themes for X, tile of the day, the tile archive and more resources to beautify your X11R6 desktop. 

VTWM is yet another hack of TWM which allows for virtual desktops and added functionality. 

Simulates the NextSTEP environment on an X11R6 desktop. Official window manager of the GNUStep Project

Minimalist wm2 exhibits a modern-art-style beauty. For command-line capable users only. 

As Postmodernism is to Modernism, so is wmx to wm2. For command-line capable users only. 

XFCE and XFwm
Lean and efficient windowmanager plus toolbar combination based on FVWM code and the XForms library.