North and South American Satellites
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Legend C Band Ku Band C & Ku Band
The 1st group in this table is AOR and International satellites and may be too far East or may require a horizon to horizon mount to be recieved in many areas of the U.S.

Also many of the feeds are PAL, SECAM, MPEG-2 or PowerVu

Telstar 12   15,0°W Ku Band
Intelsat 901   18,0°W C & Ku Band
NSS 7 IK 22°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 905   24,5°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 907   27,5°W C & Ku Band
Hispasat 1C/1D   30,0°W Ku Band
Intelsat 801   31,5°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 903   34,5°W C & Ku Band
Satcom C1/Telstar 11   37,5°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 806 I2 40,5°W C Band
PAS 3R P3/P4 43,0°W C & Ku Band
PAS 6B   43,0°W Ku Band
PAS 1 P1/P2 45,0°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 705   50,0°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 706   53,0°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 805   55,5°W C Band
PAS 9 P9 58,0°W C & Ku Band
Echostar 3   61,5°W Ku Band
Brasilsat B2   65,0°W C Band
Nahuel 1A   71,8°W Ku Band
Continental U.S., Canadian, Mexican and S.A. Satellites are below
Satellite 4DTV Designation Location Band
AMC 6   72,0°W C & Ku Band
Spare G6 74,0°W C Band
SBS 6 B6 74,0°W Ku Band
AMC 5 K5 79,0°W Ku Band
Satcom K2 (incl,0.1°) KZ 81,0°W Ku Band
Brasilsat B3   84,0°W C Band
AMC 2 W2 / K2 85,0°W C & Ku Band
AMC 3 W3 / K3 87,0°W C & Ku Band
Spare T4 / L4 89,0°W C & Ku Band
G11 GB / XB 91,0°W C & Ku Band
Nimiq 1   91,0°W Ku Band
Intelsat Americas 6 T6/L6 93,0°W C & Ku Band
Galaxy 3R G3/X3 95,0°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat Americas 5 T5 / L5 97,0°W C & Ku Band
Galaxy 4R G4 / X4 99,0°W C & Ku Band
AMC 4 W4 / K4 101,0°W C & Ku Band
AMC 1 W1 / K1 103,0°W C & Ku Band
G-Star 4 R4 105,0°W Ku Band
Anik F1 F1 / A2 107,3°W C & Ku Band
Anik E2 E2 / A3 111,1°W C & Ku Band
Solidaridad 2 M2 113,0°W C & Ku Band
SatMex 5 M5/? 116,8°W C & Ku Band
Anik E1 E1 / A1 118,7°W C & Ku Band
EchoStar 9/Intelsat Americas 13   121°W C & Ku Band
Galaxy 10R G0/X0 123,0°W C & Ku Band
Galaxy 5
Galaxy 7 Ku
G5 125,0°W C Band
Galaxy 13 G9 127,0°W C Band
Intelsat Americas 7 T7 / L7 129,0°W C & Ku Band
Satcom C3 C3 131,0°W C Band
Galaxy 1R G1 133,0°W C Band
AMC 10 C4 135,0°W C Band
AMC 7 W7 137,0°W C Band
AMC 8 W8 139,0°W C Band
This last group is Pacific Rim satellites and may be too far West or may require a horizon to horizon mount to be recieved in many areas of the U.S.
Satellite 4DTV Designation Location Band
TDRS 5   174,3°W C Band
Intelsat 701   180,0°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 702   177,0°W C & Ku Band
Intelsat 802   174,0°W C & Ku Band
PAS 2   169,0°W C & Ku Band
PAS 8   166,0°W C & Ku Band
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